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yancy yamaguchi






また滋賀湖北の四季を撮影して寮で展示。2015年退職後、大阪の活性化につながるボランティア活動に参画する一方、ADVANCE PHOTO SALON に出展して写真活動を進めて現在に至る。


Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1949.
1972 after graduating from Tokai University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Telecommunications Engineering, joined Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (now Panasonic Co., Ltd.). I was responsible for sales engineering skills of overseas markets of video equipment such as VHS, has been in the United States for six years since 1987 and was responsible for task hose with customers such as NBC at broadcasting equipment.
From 2005 I established a system for quality assurance of industrial pumps at HEISHIN Ltd., and photographs of internal company-events and products etc. are posted in internal company-magazines and others. Also shooting the four seasons of Shiga Kohoku area and exhibiting it in the company dormitory.
After retiring in 2015, I participate in volunteer activities leading to the revitalization of Osaka, while also exhibiting at ADVANCE PHOTO SALON and advancing photography activities to the present.

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